Hey, I'm Ryan Harman


I'm a Software Engineer specialising in TypeScript applications built with React and Node.js. I make solid, scalable products.

You can find my code at GitHub or get in touch via LinkedIn or [email protected]

More of me

My experience in a snapshot 📸

I've worked on diverse projects ranging from healthcare applications, enterprise applications for global automotive giants to streamlining processes with internal tools and scripts. I've crafted reusable libraries, empowered startups with custom web and mobile apps, and more.

Sustainability matters 🌍

My approach centers on creating sustainable and maintainable products using agile principles and cutting-edge methodologies.

The techy stuff 👨‍💻

My expertise lies in frontend frameworks, such as React, Solid.js & Svelte, complemented by Node.js and AWS. Whether it's frontend or full-stack, I've got you covered.