Hey, I'm Ryan Harman


I'm a Software Engineer specialising in TypeScript applications built with React and Node.js. I make solid, scalable products.

You can find my code at GitHub or get in touch via LinkedIn or [email protected]

Some of my projects

I love to build things, and I love to share them with the world. Here are some of my projects that I've built


Web application for sending and managing invoices


Hacker news clone built with SvelteKit


Personal website built with Astro


Seat booking application using React & Express


Application to scrape jobs off of indeed and display them in a uniform interface


Parse PDF receipts of well known vendors and export costs to a CSV

Lets work together

I help individuals, startups and large enterprises build out their products and meet ambitious deadlines. My goal is to always create exceptional experiences for the right reasons.

You can find out more in my about page